Patreon + Spotify: A new era of creative control for podcasters

August 9, 2023

Patreon and Spotify are empowering podcasters with new ways to get discovered, grow a fanbase, and earn more income.

Today we’re excited to launch our partnership with Spotify to help podcasters grow their audience, engage with fans, and earn more income.

Since our founding, Patreon’s mission has been to help creators take control over their work, deepen connections with their most engaged fans, and build successful, sustainable businesses. We’re thrilled to partner with Spotify who share our vision as we empower podcasters to grow their business on their terms.

For the past 10 years, Patreon has been the number one choice for podcasters looking to build communities and earn sustainable income. And while we’re proud that many podcasters are earning over $1M per year through Patreon, emerging creators are also generating significant income with over 40% of our payouts going to creators earning between $1,000-$10,000 a month on Patreon alone. This new partnership helps all podcasters grow their audiences with discovery on Spotify, bring more engaged fans into their Patreon communities, and earn income beyond ad revenue. And fans now have the ability to tune in to Patreon-exclusive podcasts directly on Spotify.

A new way to grow a podcast audience and business

This partnership creates an integrated Patreon and Spotify experience. Now, podcasters can promote their Patreon-exclusive episodes on Spotify to drive membership of their Patreon where they can directly engage with fans to build community.

Once a podcaster syncs their two accounts, all Patreon-exclusive episodes will show up on a new dedicated page on Spotify. To help promote the new members-only Spotify show page, promotional banners can be added to the top of an existing free Spotify show page.

Public episodes are a great opportunity for podcasters to promote their Patreon-exclusive content. We’ve seen that when podcasters mention their membership on their public podcasts, they often gain significant membership growth. So in addition to the Spotify banner, we encourage podcasters to promote paid content with shout outs in free podcast episodes or on social media.

“We love that this new integration makes our Patreon members’ experience so simple. We can’t wait to see more of our fans join our membership now that they can finally listen to our bonus content on Spotify” - Girls Next Level

New ways for fans to discover and tune-in

New listeners can discover Patreon-exclusive content within the Spotify experience and from there, sign up for access. Existing members can easily link their accounts on both platforms to start listening to Patreon content on Spotify immediately. They can do this through their ‘Membership’ tab on Patreon, or by clicking on the promotional banner on an existing, free Spotify show page.

Podcasters choosing Patreon + Spotify

“We’re so excited about the new Spotify integration - it’s so seamless, and it will make it easier for our Patreon community to grow.” - Forever35

“Our audience has wanted to access Patreon exclusive content on Spotify for a while. It’s another way we can engage our audience and grow as a podcast.” - Have A Word Pod

“Integrating Spotify to Patreon means everything and we are very happy to give our exclusive community that option!” - Escuela de Nada

Start taking control of your podcast business today

Empowering creators with a new way to share their passion with the world and earn an income doing what they love is at the core of our partnership with Spotify. We can’t wait to see what the podcast creator community does with it. So, if you’re a podcaster who’s ready to start your Patreon and grow your podcast business, get all the details and start building your page right here. If you already have a Patreon, you can easily sync your accounts in Settings.

Happy ‘casting!

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