Introducing Patreon Video, a new way for creators to engage with their fans

November 3, 2022

Patreon Video is the first video product built specifically for creators’ needs and focused directly on the creator-to-fan relationship.

Today, Patreon is expanding access to Patreon Video, a new product for creators to share exclusive, high-quality videos directly to their fans, right on Patreon. This product drives forward Patreon's mission to help creators take control over their work, deepen connections with their most engaged fans, and build successful, sustainable businesses. Patreon Video is the first video product built specifically for creators’ needs and focused directly on the creator-to-fan relationship.

Create meaningful, exclusive video experiences

Patreon Video is designed for creators to do their best work, and maintain control over who sees it. The integrated experience makes uploading and sharing video easy for creators, and makes viewing and interacting with video seamless for their fans.

Connect directly with fans, without ads

We’ve built an offering for sharing and monetizing video that’s completely outside of the ad-driven ecosystem. This encourages creators to share the content they want with their community, not what will perform well for the algorithm. No required pre-roll. No frustrating mid-roll. No ads over the video.

Patreon Video Features

Patreon Video has all the features creators and their fans expect from a world-class video product, including:

  • Premium mobile and web experience for fans: Smooth playback controls, save play state, picture-in-picture on mobile devices, and custom thumbnail images


  • Custom previews: Creators can create and share free and public previews of exclusive video content to help convert interested fans into patrons


  • Audience insights: Creators will have access to deep data and insights beyond view counts so they can hone in on the work their fans find engaging


  • Video everywhere: Patreon Video can be cast to other devices via iOS Airplay (available today) and Android Chromecast (coming soon)


  • Other best-in-class video features: HD-quality, ad-free, and no limit to the length of videos

Looking ahead

Patreon has built the best platform for creators to make a living doing what they love while deepening their relationships with their biggest fans. Now, our focus is on the next 10 years.

Patreon Video marks the latest step in our journey to help creators own their content — over the next year, we’ll continue this investment through improved creation tools, enhanced podcasting features, and new community experiences. We’re building a content and community platform for creators to engage directly with their fans and monetize their creativity, while maintaining full ownership over the work they make and the communities they create.

We’ve been testing Patreon Video with a select group of creators for several months and today we’re expanding access for eligible creators on our Pro and Premium pricing plans at no additional cost through 2023. All eligible creators will get 500 hours of uploaded videos through the end of 2023 to see how integrated video can add value to their membership.

Creators who want to learn more about early access to Patreon Video can head here.