How Patreon policy evolved in 2021

February 2, 2022

Let’s reflect on last year’s policy progress, which was shaped in large part by creator feedback.

The Policy Team was busy last year updating the policymaking process and the Community Guidelines. And while we’re excited to share what’s on the horizon with all of you (don’t forget to tune into our policy live stream coming up on February 8), let’s first reflect on last year’s policy progress, which was shaped in large part by creator feedback.

The Creator Policy Engagement Program

Driven by creator feedback, we started the Creator Policy Engagement Program (CPEP) to give you a voice in building Patreon policy with us. CPEP’s goal is to ensure that our policymaking is creator-friendly, inclusive, and transparent.

How CPEP works

Each quarter, the Policy Team proposes updates for creator consideration. Creators weigh in through live streams, Discord Q&As, one-on-one office hours, or by emailing the Policy Team. We then incorporate creator feedback and share how it influenced Patreon’s finalized policies.

Key policy issues in 2021

Creator feedback helped shape a wide range of last year’s policy updates, including:
  • Empowering those with past criminal convictions by enabling them to create on Patreon;
  • Keeping teen creators safe from any active solicitation, grooming, or exploitation for sexual purposes;
  • Protecting creators from fraud by banning excessive or fraudulent patron chargebacks;
  • Delivering adult/18+ policy programming by focusing a quarterly policy live stream on adult content;
  • Developing a template in 19 languages for adult/18+ creators to capture the consent of participants in their work.
For a comprehensive look into last year’s policy updates, check out the recordings from the Q2, Q3, and Q4 livestreams.

What’s next?

We ended 2021 by asking you how we could make the Creator Policy Engagement Program even better. Along with requests for continued transparency, you also asked for ways to advocate for laws and regulations impacting the creator economy. We’ve been working hard to deliver on those ideas, and have some exciting plans (and new faces!) to introduce very soon.