An update on creator policy: Q1 2022

February 2, 2022

As part of our Creator Policy Engagement Program, we’re sharing the policy initiatives and updates we’re exploring this quarter.

As part of our Creator Policy Engagement Program (CPEP), we’re sharing the policy initiatives and updates we’re exploring this quarter. Read on for details, and join us live to discuss them on February 8, 2022.

New initiatives

1. We’re launching a creator advocacy initiative

Patreon has advocated for creators in several cases dealing with proposed copyright changes, online safety, and music streaming. But now we’re going one step further and launching a program to amplify creator voices in government and public policy discussions that affect you. Now, as part of the CPEP each quarter, we’ll highlight the creator-first laws and regulations we’re advocating for and share how you can get involved. Stay tuned for more details.

2. We’re working on a transparency report

We plan to publish our first transparency report later this year so everyone on Patreon can understand and trust the systems we use to keep the platform safe. It will shed light on topics creators often ask about, like data and context around how we address illegal, harmful, or otherwise violative content. To ensure the report’s quality, we’ll reference the Santa Clara Principles framework, the leading academic and industry standard for transparency and accountability in content moderation. As we prepare the report, let us know which topics you would find most insightful (see feedback channels listed below).

Proposed Q1 policy updates

We regularly review our Community Guidelines to ensure they are as modern and inclusive as possible. This quarter, we’re exploring ways to offer creators additional clarity in two sections of our Guidelines which help keep creators and patrons safe:

1. Hate speech

There is no place for hate speech on Patreon. It’s important to us that our policies to combat harmful attacks (see the “hate speech” section of our Community Guidelines) are as robust and comprehensive as possible. The current Guidelines describe different groups, or categories, of people who are protected from hate speech, as well as how our content moderators evaluate possible hate speech violations. This quarter, we’d like to give additional clarity into the sort of content that qualifies as hate speech.

Creators: we’re curious for feedback on any ways we could make these policies even more accessible and creator-first (see feedback channels listed below).

2. Dangerous organizations

To further combat the spread of harmful content, our Guidelines state that members of dangerous organizations — groups engaged in activities like terrorism, cyber terrorism, organized crime, etc. — are not welcome as Patreon creators (see “People who can’t use Patreon”). We do believe, however, in the power of redemption, and we're considering adding that former members of dangerous organizations who have since disavowed that membership may fund Patreon projects.

We’d love your thoughts on making room on Patreon for those who have turned their lives around, while still upholding our commitment to safety (see feedback channels listed below).

We’re eager to hear and incorporate your input into the finalized policy updates we’ll announce later this quarter. As always, there are several ways to get in touch:

  • Join the Policy Team (including our new teammate!) for our quarterly livestream on Tuesday, February 8, 2022.
  • Stop by our designated # policy-live-q1-2022 Discord channel in the week following the livestream, where the Policy Team will be answering lingering creator questions.
  • Email with your policy feedback.
  • Sign up for 1:1 creator office hours with Head of Creator Policy Engagement Courtney Duffy.

Thank you for your continued policy engagement. We can’t wait to hear from you in the coming weeks!

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